Swara to Ishwara

On 30 June 2003, Chinmaya Swaranjali was started as a grassroot activity of Chinmaya Mission to experience oneness with the divine Self, through music. Over the years, Pujya Guruji Swami Tejomayananda has guided and encouraged Chinmaya Swaranjali’s activities and events.

This grassroots wing of the Mission turns 18 this year, and is all set to step up to adulthood! On 30 June 2021, a special online presentation by Chinmaya Swaranjali groups from all over the world is being planned, coordinated by Chinmaya Naada Bindu (CNB), to be broadcast on Chinmaya Channel (YouTube).

Based on responses received from the various groups, the celebration would last between one day and three days. We request Chinmaya Swaranjali teachers/coordinators to fill up the form available via this link by the end of this month (April 2021), to register to participate in Swara To Ishwara 2021:


Do register for this memorable event, where all Chinmaya Swaranjali members can participate with a devotional offering. This would also inspire new members to be part of the wing. Once the groups are registered, further communications will be shared by CNB.

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