CMW National Teachers Conference – August 28th

Hari om! Salutations!
Chinmaya Mission West is organizing a National Teachers Conference on Saturday, August 28th at 8.00am PT 10.00am CT / 11.00am ET
What? A Virtual National Conference for all teachers & coordinators in all wings from Shishu Vihar to Chinmaya Setukari
Why? To improve our quality of teaching on a virtual platform, to learn new ideas and techniques from our fellow sevaks, to discuss any challenges and solutions faced by current teachers and coordinators
Session Highlights
  • Dealing with Zoom Fatigue
  • Exploring New Virtual Teaching Ideas
  • Networking with Fellow Teachers and Coordinators
  • Challenges & Solutions
Who? This training will be conducted by Swamins/Brahmacharins/Sevaks of Chinmaya Mission and is open to all Chinmaya Mission Sevaks who are Teachers or Coordinators for the following:
Shishu Vihar
Bala Vihar
Junior CHYK
Chinmaya Setukari
Bala Vihar Coordinators
How? Virtual Zoom Sessions
Registration: Click here to register.

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