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Chinmaya Mission Columbus


Chinmaya Archana

Chinmaya Mission Columbus

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2018-19 Balavihar registrations are now open
2018-19 Balavihar registrations are now open

The Balavihar registrations for the academic year 2018-19 are now open. After you log in, please update your kid's Grade to the 2018-19 school grade to see next year's classes for the enrollment. New members must sign-up first before enrolling the kids. Please note that it may take around 15 min to get your temporary passwords for new sign-ups as well password resets. If you have any questions, please contact Madhu Venkatachalam @ (740) 972-4409
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Our Address

Chinmaya Mission Columbus
5302 Liberty Road North,
Powell, Ohio 43065
Phone : 614-917-0160

Contact Phone Information

Balavihar classes - Bindu Menta - 614-767-5782
Adult classes - Venkat Menta - 614-767-5782
General Enquiries - 614-917-0160

Timing Information

Monday through Friday - 7.00 PM - 8.30 PM depending on weather
Sunday - 9.30 AM - 1.00 PM


Sundays - 10.00 AM - 2.00 PM.
Lord Lakshmi & Narayana abhishekam performed monthly from 8:30 AM on 2nd or 3rd Saturdays.
Abhishekam dates are: April-21-2018 | May-19-2018 | June-16-2018


To give maximum happiness to the maximum number for the maximum time.


To provide individuals, from any background, the wisdom of Vedanta and the practical means for spiritual growth and happiness, enabling them to become positive contributors to the society.


CHINMAYA A TV Series based on the timeless wisdom of the Upanishads. Full Episodes can be seen on Youtube. Conceptualized by Swami Tejomayananda, head of Chinmaya Mission Worldwide. Written & Directed by Chandraprakash Dwivedi. Produced by Chinmaya Mission.